Assos: the City of Philosophy and Aristotle

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The next destination for the young archaeologists attending the Archaeology Summer School was the ancient city of Assos, a meeting place for sea and culture tourism.

Assos welcomed the participants with its tranquil atmosphere and captivating scenery. Dr. Veysel Tolun, from Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, accompanied the participants as they discovered the city and listened to the mythological stories about it.

After a long walk, the participants met the archaeologists at the excavation house, where they were briefed about the processes in an excavation house and how the finds were examined. The participants received information on the restoration and conservation of the finds during the excavations and talked about their experiences.

Lamya El Mobayed, a participant who came from Lebanon, expressed her feelings as follows: “It is unbelievable to hear the buzzing sounds around the souvenirs shops and imagine that you would go right into the 6th century when you head for that door beneath the hill. If you want to know how one feels standing at the top of the world, you can try climbing while looking at the Aegean Sea and enjoy the moment.”