ISSS Takes a Break at Sultan Ahmed Mosque

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Taking a break from the training, the participants starting their sightseeing tour in Eminönü to discover the cultural and historical texture of Istanbul. The participants paid a visit to the great touristic attractions in Istanbul, namely Gülhane, Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque), the Basilica Cistern, and Hagia Sophia, and noted their admiration for Turkey and Turkish culture:

Tensae Alemayehu (Ethiopia)

“I had heard about the close ties between Turkey and Ethiopia as well as the cooperation projects between the country. The TABİP’s hard work is important for my countries and Turkey. I currently attend one of the best universities in Ethiopia: Mekelle University. I have plans to study in Turkey for at least one year. This would be very precious for my country. I would like to express my thanks once again to Yunus Emre Institute and the TABİP.”

Amir Imran Madzuan (Malaysia)

“It is the best and most intensive experience I have ever had in my life. I am grateful first to Yunus Emre Institute and then to the TABİP for this unique opportunity. Istanbul is among the top places I will visit again. In particular, I am fascinated with Sultan Ahmed Mosque. It is great that it has been preserved up to our time. Turkey is among the countries which should be noted both academically and culturally.”

John Bull (the UK)

“First of all, I am very surprised. Before coming here, I thought, ‘Yes, their food might be interesting’. Its academic and scientific potential, historical texture, culture and cuisine, which I have seen so far, have left me fascinated by this country. I would like to thank the TABİP for organizing this academy and Istanbul Technical University for the applied aviation opportunity they provided to us.”