Witnessing Live Tests of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

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The participants went to Altınay Havacılık ve İleri Teknolojiler AŞ, located in Teknopark Istanbul, and make on-the-spot observations before going to Altınay Robot Teknolojileri San. Ve Tic. AŞ to watch a presentation on “Battery Management and Development Systems.” After the laboratory visits, the group witnessed the live tests done on the state-of-the-art drones in the testing field.

Tensae Alemayehu Ali, attending the TABIP Science Summer School from Ethiopia’s Mekelle University, commented on the event “The TABIP Science Summer School is progressing in an exciting manner. Today, we have visited Altınay Technology Group, one of Turkey’s biggest aviation and robot technology corporations, to see our theoretical knowledge in action. The drone show has whetted my appetite for this sector,” he said.