Literature and Life

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Dr. Mert Öksüz, a faculty member at Karamanoğlu Mehmet Bey University, has given a lecture entitled “Literature and Life.”

Quoting from the works of Stendhal, Edward Morgan Forster, Namık Kemal, Ahmet Haşim, Orhan Pamuk, Necip Fazıl Kısakürek and Yunus Emre, Öksüz evaluated their views on life and literature.

Underlining that the discussions on life and literature tend to be made within the context of the concepts of “artificial” and “natural” in Turkish literature, Öksüz said: “We, all, live the life as what we assume it to be in the eyes of the other. Therefore, the experiences of other people about life are very precious to us as they are the only thing that shows us that what we live is actually life. Without it, you cannot be sure that what you live is life.”